Scott Hazledine - Single Axis Golf Instruction

The Single Axis/Single Plane golf expert, Scott Hazeldine.

PGA professional Scott Hazledine, is the world's leading single axis/single plane golf instructor. Scott Hazeldine formerly worked for Natural Golf and was the first PGA Golf Professional to join Natural Golf. Scott was Natural Golf's Chief Golf Professional and taught their instructors. Scott offers the world's most fundamentally sound single axis/single plane golf instruction.

Scott Hazledine actually gave Moe Norman golf lessons and was responsible for helping Moe Norman increase his driving distance.

Scott Hazledine teaches single axis/single plane golf and is available for lessons in Texas or can make arrangements to visit you at your location anywhere in the world. Contact Scott today, and start hitting it longer and straighter.

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Scott Hazledine - Single Axis Golf Instruction, Single Plane Golf Instructor, Former Natural Golf Instructor,
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